How does this app work?

The meeting platform is created through a data-driven approach built on the foundation of an intelligent recommendations platform.

Landing Page

Event's description and highlighted event

Quick links to access different event details

List of recommendation people that is listed as Prospects for you

AGENDA (if applicable)

Agenda will show the scheduled webinars, and you can bookmark the sessions. 

  • Click here for more detail about Agenda. 


The meetings tab will prompt you to indicate your interests under For You.  

Once you have entered your preferred interests, the platform will automatically surface the most relevant attendees at the top of your list. 

  • To do your requests, find the articles here.


Set your time availability and confirm your schedule in My Schedule. 

This is so that attendees responding to your meeting requests can  choose a time that you are available, to successfully setup a meeting

  • To manage your meetings find the articles by clicking here. If you want to start the meeting, you can follow the article here.

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