How to Access Multi-call Function

Multi-call can only accommodate up to 6 people in a video call. Once the initial user has entered the meeting room, simply copy the meeting URL and share it. To calculate of 6 people, the initial users can invite 2 colleagues and so does the other party (Person A + 2 guests , Person B + 2 guests).
Note: A built-in security function will require the users inside the meeting to allow any new attendees to enter the room to prevent the link from being randomly used.

Match User (meeting initiators)
If a user has already logged in to match on the same browser, it will detect the profile automatically.

Guest View
Guest will need to input the username before entering 

Granting Access to Guests 
When a guest is trying to join a call, it will pop up permission to the participants inside the room to be allowed or denied.

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