Accessing Instant Call

*Important* Instant call function works best for web desktop view. Fore more details on supported browsers, please click here

How to access instant call function on chat

  • Toggle to the "Messages" icon at the top righthand corner  
  • Select the person you want to send a call invite
  • Click the video icon to send an instant video call meeting. You can whether having immediate instant video call or schedule it.

If you want to delete the message, click the "x" button. Please note that the message deletion is irreversible.

**Please note that this is an add-on feature. Your account may not have instant call. 

Select "Allow" before entering the meeting room

Please note of the following:

  • Can only be accessed within 1 hour time range from creation
  • Invalidated 1 hour after creation time
  • Maximum 2 call requests each connection



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